Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Naturcamping Lagom, our idyllic and sustainable campsite.

We hope you will have a pleasant stay here with us.

Generel terms & conditions apply. These terms and conditions are developed in association with the Swedish camping organisation.

Check-in cabins and hostel after 15:00 pm, campsite after 14:00 pm.

Check-out cabins and hostel before 11:00 am, campsite before 12:00 pm.

Upon arrival guests are to register at the reception. Guests must have a valid identification or camping Keycard. Groups must be registered by the groupleader. Please mention at the reception if you have brought an extra tent, boat etc.

Departure: Unless an agreement has been made with reception, check-out is before 11:00 am for all cabins and room. All accommodation must be left in the same state as upon arrival (check-out is before 12:00 pm for the campsite). We prefer and are grateful if you can check out on time, especially during the high season.

When making a booking, a deposit of 50% of the total price has to be paid within two weeks.

With cancellation the deposit of 50% will not be refunded.

Do not use your vehicle more than absolutely necessary and maintain the maximum speed on the campsite.

Dogs are welcome on our campsite. We charge a small fee per night for this. Dog owners are asked to respect the other guest. Dogs must be on a leash and must be walked outside the campsite terrain. Dog owners must pick up after their dog, you can use dog poop bags for this. We expect everyone to take their responsibility. If not, we have the right to remove said guest and their dog from the campsite.

Help us to keep the campsite clean and free of waste. Use the designated containers to throw away your trash and keep in mind to recycle paper, glass, metal etc.

Think about the environment. This means that you or your children do not use more water than you need and that you try to save energy as well.

It is not allowed to wash your car or use other camping chemicals/detergents/liquids/etc. on the campsite.

Internet: Guests are responsible for correct use of the internet och will refrain from illegal websites or websites which seem of unlawful karakter. Naturcamping Lagom has to right upon discovery or suspicion to block access to the internet without warning.

The owners and/or staff are not responsible or liable for the concequences due to extreme weather and/or other circumstances beyond our control.

The owners and/or staff are not responsible for damage to or loss of property of the guests.

All camping equipment of regular size can be used. However it is not allowed to put up structures of a permanent nature.

Caravans must be registered for use.

Guest cannot put up permanent structures like a fence. When in doubt about what you can do, please ask us.

Make sure that gas and electricity equipment has been tested and is approved according to the guidelines.

Temporary visitors are asked to park their vehicle outside of the camping grounds to keep the campsite as quiet as possible.

Please leave all common areas (for example toilets, showers, dishwash area, kitchen, playcorner, café) in the same state you would like to encounter them.

A general rule on our campsite is that is quiet between 23:00 pm and 08:00 am

The owners and the staff are responsible for maintaining peace and order and to provide help with any problems.

The owners and the staff can exceptionally be forced to take action against guest who do not respect the above mentioned rules and who do not follow them. Guest who cause a disturbance on the campsite can be requested to leave and to hand in the camping card.

Take care of nature and the environment…it needs your protection.


Canoe rental prices

1 person kayak
  • 1 hour: 150 sek
  • to 4 hours: 225 sec
  • 4 to 8 hours: 350 sec
2 person kayak / Canadian canoe
  • 1 hour: 175 sek
  • to 4 hours: 250 sek
  • 4 to 8 hours: 400 sec

Additional transport costs for the canoe tour are 150 kr


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Uddhedsängen 30
686 98, Gräsmark

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