What we have to offer

...is more than just acommodations


Upon arrival, register in our cozy reception. We will check you in and tell you everything about the ins and outs of the campsite. This is also the place where you can find information about the area and register for the canoe trip or bushcrafting.

Order your hot sandwiches here for the next morning and buy your tokens for the shower and washing machine here.

Our spacious reception also houses our shop with souvenirs from Sweden and local products such as jam and honey. There is a small range of natural care products, beautiful woolen sweaters and Swedenmount T-shirts and hoodies.

Of course you can also buy delicious ice creams here.


Available to borrow HERE: Table tennis bats, bocce ball, volleyball ball.

For rent HERE: Grill with coal

Opening hours:

From July 15 to August 15, the reception is open from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm

The Reception times in other periods can be found on the reception door.

If you arrive while the reception is closed, you can find a spot yourself and come to check in during opening hours.

You can always check out and pay during reception opening hours, so keep an eye on the times.

Come to our cozy Lagom cafe or sit on our terrace and enjoy a delicious Swedish FIKA or home made apple pie.

  • We serve various coffees made from Organic Barista beans and delicious herbal teas.
  • There is a small menu with a number of Lagom dishes. The dishes are preferably organic, simple and of course tasty.
  • Where possible we work with ecological, seasonal and/or local products and strive for sustainable business operations.


Good to know

Our Lagom restaurant is only open in high season. The opening hours are listed on our outdoor signs.

De FOODTRUCK van Jose&Marco staat deze zomer weer op onze camping met lekkere poffertjes en Broodjes (biologische) Hamburger.


We have a Lagom breakfast service at our campsite.

Je kunt je bestelde ontbijtbox ophalen in het Cafe en vanaf 8 personen serveren wij een ontbijtbuffet in het Lagom cafe.

In the months of July & August there is no breakfast service due to the high season. During these months we provide warm sandwiches every morning. At this time we sell local products in our reception shop, such as jam and honey.

What is Scandinavia without a sauna?!

Our cozy sauna area is the nicest place to relax. From the sauna you walk to the cold rain shower and afterwards you can relax outside with a view of the Swedish forests.

Do you want to cool off in the lake? After a short walk (100 m) you can take a refreshing dip here.

There is a central fire pit in the sauna garden and you can hang a hammock between the trees.

There is a changing room and nice chairs to drink your cup of herbal tea. This is included in your sauna visit.

Our lovely Finnish sauna can be booked for a private moment

Price: 180 sek pp / 2 hours
Bathrobes can be rented at the reception.

After a day full of adventure in the woods, you can take a wonderful shower in our sanitary units.

The sanitary building at the rear of the campsite has a Swedish appearance and is comfortably and conveniently furnished. There is a ladies' and men's side with showers and toilets and there is a family shower with baby/children's pool at the rear of the building.

The service building in the middle of this sanitary unit contains the washing up area, the camping kitchen and the washing machine/dryer.

On the lake side of the campsite there are 3 sanitary units, all equipped with a toilet, sink and shower. Here you will also find the washing up area for guests on this side of the campsite.

There are two toilets in the Lagom cafe that you can always use.

Although we are convinced that you will experience more connection with yourself and your environment without WiFi, we have invested in good WiFi at the campsite in recent years to accommodate our guests.

TIP: Try digital fasting to experience more peace and relaxation.

There is no WiFi in nature, but there is a better connection.

De natuur is de allermooiste speeltuin. HAPPINESS COMES WITH NATURE.

Go on an adventure together in the woods, spot wildlife, make friends, build huts and seize the day

Dive into the clear lake and imagine yourself as a Viking in the castle at the campsite.

Centraal gelegen lop de camping ligt de grote speeltuin met een mooie burcht, schommels, glijbanen en mini tipi. Er zijn 5 skelters te vinden op de camping voor gemeenschappelijke gebruik. Deze zijn voor kinderen tot 14 jaar. Dus echt niet voor de papa`s ook al snappen we dat het verleidelijk is 😉

Furthermore there is:

  • Trampoline
  • Table tennis table (bats and balls can be borrowed from reception)
  • Volleyball field
  • Football field
  • Jeu de boule court (balls can be borrowed from reception)
  • Go-karts
  • There are some playground equipment and sandboxes at the back of the campsite.

During the high season we provide pleasant, nature-oriented activities that return rhythmically.

Knapsack tour

We go on a nature excursion every week with knapsack.

Hut building day

Our Bushcrafter Jeroen will build huts in the forest with you every week.

Tractor tour

Jump on the tractor cart and go for a ride through the forest.

Arts & Crafts

Artistry and creativity come together here.


Baking crispy rolls by the campfire

A corner has been created in the Lagom cafe where children can play with duplo and blocks and in the Lagom cafe there is a play kitchen for our little guests. There is a mud kitchen and a sandbox on the terrace.


...is a mentality.
She gives soul to the world, wings to the mind, power to the imagination, charm to sadness, joy and life to everything on earth. It lies at the origin and is a part of everything that is good, true and beautiful.

In our Lagom living room there is a piano and harmonica for those who want to share their musical intermezzo with us. Of course you are also welcome to bring your own instrument and who knows, maybe something beautiful will arise.

We also organize music evenings in the summer. Music makes us so happy and we would like to share this with you. When and where is indicated on the terrace.

You are very welcome to these summer music evenings or participate in the Ukulele workshop.

The following musicians have been here in recent years:

  • Tim Akkerman
  • Dun Aengus
  • Leon Moorman
  • Rosanne Wiertz
  • Stefan van de Sande

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on next season's musicians!


The most beautiful yoga classes are in nature.

Your gaze is focused on the lake.

Smell of pine green, breathe in pure nature and connect with your body and soul.

Start the day with an invigorating yoga class by the lake or in the forest.

At the reception you will find the registration list for the yoga classes.

Culture fact

FIKA is a typical Swedish word and at first it seems like just a break, but it is much more than that and seems to be interwoven throughout Swedish life. Fika is a household name in Sweden and part of the culture.

Let's do Fika is one of the most common invitations here. The social aspect of this habit is at least as important as what it seems to be about: The delicious combination of fresh coffee with sweet pastries. Swedish cinnamon rolls are perhaps the most popular Fika delicacy.

So Fika is taking a social break from your day and really enjoying and relaxing the (almost sacred) moment.

Our Lagom cafe is the cozy and dynamic hub of our campsite and a social meeting place for all our guests.

Sustainable camping

By sustainability we mean that we want to work and live with heart and soul. Real attention for each other and the world around us. We have reverence and respect for the earth and are grateful that we can live in Scandinavian nature.

We try not to take more than necessary and where we can we do our work sustainably.

As a guest, experience the magic of nature through, among other things, the natural appearance and the conscious choices at the campsite. Experience our natural activities and develop more insight, awareness and love for nature.

Sustainability is then a logical consequence.

We already do this:

  • We recycle the water from our own lake.
  • We work in our kitchen with ecological foods where possible.
  • We separate our waste and expect our guests to follow us in this.
  • Our cleaning products are produced completely naturally and are 99% biodegradable.
  • In our butik we sell local products such as jam, juice and honey.
  • We sell natural care products in our butik.
  • We work with coins in the shower (not popular, but sustainable), this saves a lot of water and ensures that everyone has hot water.
  • There is a charging station for electric cars
  • We sell 100% natural washing strips for the washing machine that are 100% biodegradable.
  • Our soaps in the sanitary building and in the accommodations are 100% natural.
  • We have water-saving shower heads and toilets
  • We work with LED lighting as much as possible.
  • We sow flowers and try to strengthen diversity where possible.


If you have any tips for us on how we can become more sustainable, we would love to hear from you!


Canoe rental prices

1 person kayak
  • 1 hour: 150 sek
  • to 4 hours: 225 sec
  • 4 to 8 hours: 350 sec
2 person kayak / Canadian canoe
  • 1 hour: 175 sek
  • to 4 hours: 250 sek
  • 4 to 8 hours: 400 sec

Additional transport costs for the canoe tour are 150 kr


Our address

Uddhedsängen 30
686 98, Gräsmark

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Monday - Friday:

Saturday - Sunday:

09:00 – 20:00

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