Come camp with us and experience adventures in the unspoiled nature of Sweden.

Our campsite consists of nice, spacious nature spots that lie against the edge of the forest. There are 60 numbered places with electricity (10 ampere) and 30 free places. The campsite is located on a hill and at the foot of the campsite is a lovely swimming lake (Lilsjön).

Choose your own spot

Choose your own spot close to the playground, on the open field, with a view of the lake, in the forest or at the back of the campsite with a view over the mountains.


The camping pitches overlooking the playground have electricity and are located on the edge of the forest. Wonderful places for families with young children.

Big spots

Fields A, B, C, D have camping pitches of 150 m2 and are also suitable for caravans and campers. There is a picnic table in the middle of the field for general use. Field A has a sandbox in the middle for the little guests.

Quiet location

Row 30 to 35 is located close to the sanitary building in a quiet place on the campsite and is also very suitable for a camper and caravan.

There are also many small places with numbered camping spots with electricity: see also the map.

In the forest we have some places for guests with small tents, create your own nest, because no real places have been created here. Take good care of the nature around you, because we want this forest to grow as naturally as possible. The car is obviously not parked near your tent here.

The free field is located in the forest and across the road at the rear of the campsite. There are only free places without electricity and mainly accessible for tents, trailer tents and small campers. The open field is close to the service building and sanitary facilities and there is a small playground.

Good to know

It is possible to book a camping spot by number for a stay of 12 days or longer. If your stay is shorter, select a camping spot yourself upon arrival.

Additional information


Our central service building consists of sanitary facilities for men and women, a family shower with baby bath and in the middle of the building the washing up area, the camping kitchen, dining area, dishwashing area and the washer/dryer room.

In the middle of the campsite is the clothes dryer, where you can hang your laundry and at the reception you can get your (100% biodegradable bio) detergent and coins for washing and showering.

There are 3 sanitary facilities on the lake side of the campsite. These bathrooms have a toilet, sink and shower. Here is also the outside washing up area and the outside tap.


There are three beautiful fire pits spread throughout the campsite. Here you come together to share stories and experiences or to grill your food. Gather wood from the forest or buy a bag of wood at the reception and, like a real fire master, make the fire glowing, large and warm.

Dogs are welcome

Your four-legged friends are very welcome with us! We have even been voted the best dog campsite in Sweden, because of the beautiful and accessible hiking trails in the surrounding forests. We do ask that your dogs are kept on a leash and that feces are cleaned up. Dogs are not allowed though


Canoe rental prices

1 person kayak
  • 1 hour: 150 sek
  • to 4 hours: 225 sec
  • 4 to 8 hours: 350 sec
2 person kayak / Canadian canoe
  • 1 hour: 175 sek
  • to 4 hours: 250 sek
  • 4 to 8 hours: 400 sec

Additional transport costs for the canoe tour are 150 kr


Our address

Uddhedsängen 30
686 98, Gräsmark

Contact details


Monday - Friday:

Saturday - Sunday:

09:00 – 20:00

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Do you have questions? Let us know!